Cycle and get fit

Go cycling more often. Not just when you go to work, but especially while you are at work. Did you know that this is possible with Deskbike ®! While you are at work you can get your workout routine while paddling and working at the same time. You get fit and smarter in one go. Because movement stimulates your brain and great ideas will pop up for sure.
Comfortable saddle.
Adjustable height.
Adjustable resistance.
Bluetooth sensor.
Large pedals.
Smooth wheels.
Near-silent flywheel.
Locking pin.

The Deskbike is used everywhere and by everyone. From bicycle mechanic to professor, from doctor to artist, from freelancer to student. Show us how you cycle at your workplace and send your picture (or a link) to [email protected] Visit the webshop

How to work with the Deskbike
Working with the Deskbike is quite simple. The solid, lightweight design makes it easy to move. That's necessary, too, because the optimal active working posture consists of alternating movements: standing for an hour, desk biking for half an hour - and this alternation should happen as often as possible every day. A height-adjustable seat and standing desk are essential for this, and can be ordered together with the Deskbike. The Deskbike comes in three sizes. The small is for children and adults who are of 130 to 165 cm tall, medium for adults 165 to 185 cm tall (most popular choice), and large for people 185 to 215 cm tall.
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