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Erik Scherder 'Deskbike ambassador'

6 Jun 2019
by Redactie Deskbike
One of Deskbike’s largest ambassadors Prof. dr. E. Scherder, also known for his many appearances in TV programs, has the Deskbike at his workplace. To exercise during his work, Prof. dr. Erik Scherder use of the desk bike. Because exercise is not only healthy for the body, it also keeps the mind flexible. Very often, The Exercise Professor Dr. Erik Scherder is a welcome guest on the popular TV programs "The world goes on" and he never sits still there. His plea: "People, move!" But also at Brandpunt Brandpunt - in an interview with Dr. Scherder you can see how the professor cycles kilometers at the Faculty every day.
Prof. Erik Scherder his motto "MOVE! That's good for the brain"