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Peddle Socks


Do you also enjoy cycling on the Deskbike without shoes? Then these comfortable peddle socks are perfect for you!

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Do you often take off your shoes while working and are you a proud owner of a Deskbike? Then these comfortable Deskbike Peddle Socks are definitely for you!

These pedal covers are made of flexible rubber that you can easily slide over the pedal of the Deskbike. The surface of the anti-slip pedals of the Deskbike will no longer poke uncomfortably in your feet. This way you can ride the Deskbike comfortably without shoes. Because the pedal socks are made of rubber, you retain your grip and you do not slide off the pedals.


  • Set of 2 pedal socks
  • Suitable for Deskbike Small, Medium and Large
  • Colour: light grey
  • Material: Rubber

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