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Summer work-out - Paula Janson

17 Apr 2019
by Paula Janson

Yes, summer is coming .. or it has been summer for a few days! Do you also love to exercise in the sun? Or do you want to start doing it? Don't forget to prepare well for this workout. With our 8 golden rules you are sure to make a good start!

Tip 1 Train in the morning or in the evening
Because the sun is less bright, the UV radiation is less strong. The chance of the negative effects of UV radiation is therefore reduced. During these hours, the temperature is also more pleasant to exercise. This means that your body does not have to work as hard to maintain your body temperature and there is a smaller chance of dehydration so you can perform better. And the beautiful sunrise or sunset is an extra gift!

Tip 2 Apply suncream
About 20 kilometers above the earth, the ozone layer is located. This layer protects us for a large part of the Ultra Violet Radiation (UV radiation) from the sun. The radiation that ends up on our globe, affects the functioning of your body. You are more susceptible to viruses and skin cancer. But fortunately UV radiation does not just have negative effects! For example, your body produces more vitamin D3 which gives you stronger bones and your skin also produces more pigment, which gives you a tan. Do not forget to use sun cream when you train in the sun and preferably to you find a spot where you can train in the shade! And yes, even in the shade you will tan!

Tip 3 Acclimatize
Let your body get used to the warmth of the sun first and build up your training sessions. So start when it is very hot with a short and less intensive training and build it up slowly.

Tip 4 Drink lots of water
In addition to the UV radiation, the sun also emits heat. Your body temperature will therefore also rise. To keep your body temperature between 36 and 38 degrees Celsius, your body opens the pores. And then the sweat escapes! If you havent drank enough, your water reserves will decrease and your body will not be able to lose the heat. In that case you suffer from dehydration, or you dry out. Of course you want to prevent that and you do so by drinking enough!

Tip 5 Wear a 'cool' outfit
Sports clothing is very important during exercise. Wear your for example light-colored sportswear, then your body stays more cool! Choose a special fabric that's loose around your body. Take a dry outfit as soon as possible after exercising; wet clothing allows more UV radiation. And of course it is more smelly :p

Tip 6 Avoid asphalt
Asphalt is hot, so exercising on that surface is extra warm. You also get sweaty feet faster, so you start swimming in your shoes. So choose for forest or park (with shade) or the beach (not in full sun) for your perfect summer workout.

Tip 7 Check the color of your urine
This may sound strange, but you can 'see' from the color of your urine if you drank enough. In case of enough fluid your urine is colorless. When the color of your urine is still very yellow, your body indicates that it has little moisture. What does that mean: drink water!

Tip 8 For if you work inside!
Not everyone is free to train whenever with this sunny weather, but of course we also have a solution for that. Have you already heard of the Deskbike? This is a bike that you can easily use behind your standing desk. And on our Youtube channel you can view all video's which easy and fast workouts you can do with active furniture! No more excuses that you can not train during working hours, all workouts you can do within 5 minutes and just behind your desk!

Follow these tips and you can start your summer workout !