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Frequently Asked Questions
Shipping & Delivery


The Deskbike orders are sent to various countries via the social operating company Ferm Werk. Wrapping, assembling and sending is a daily routine on the Ferm shop floor. The enthusiastic employees at Ferm are happy to get started with your order.

Environment / packaging

At the waste separation station of your municipality, cardboard and polystyrene can be returned separately.

Return & Refund

Return product

Are you not satisfied with your purchase? Then contact us within 14 days for a replacement product or your money back. After the invoice date you have 14 days to return a product. Returns are made at the expense and risk of the buyer. To ensure that this runs smoothly, we ask you to cooperate with the following:

  1. Send an e-mail to [email protected] that you want to return the product and what the reason is.
  2. Indicate in the e-mail what the invoice or order number is.
  3. Return the product to: Deskbike T.a.v. return department, Energieweg 18, 3481MC in Harmelen. Add a copy of your invoice.


After we have received the order in its entirety, you will receive a refund within 5 working days. Return costs are not credited.

Warranty & Risk


The warranty period is 12 months after purchase.


The use of the Deskbike and / or accessories thereof is entirely at your own risk. We are not liable for any form of damage, including physical or psychological, that may result from the use of the products. An instruction manual or instruction is supplied with the product. Follow the instruction to prevent damage to health.

Data collection Deskbike App

Which Bluetooth profile is used?

CSCP (Cycling Speed and Cadence Profile).

Is the connection encrypted?

Yes, man-in-the-middle (MITM).

Are there other modules built in like WLAN, GSM, LTE etc.?


Is the data on the smartphone encrypted?

No, there is no sensitive data on the phone. Only stored simple data like calories burned, distance biked and date time in a SQL database. The app itself has standard encryption from the app store and is done automatically. We have not applied an extra encryption ourself.

Do other Apps have access to the data of the Deskbike App?


Is there any connection from the App to Deskbike so that you can use the data also only for statistical purpose?


Can you identify the smartphone which uses the App?

Only standard App Store and Google play store analytics.
Assembly & Installation


Download the installation manual of the Deskbike or take a look at the Deskbike assembly video. Can you not figure it out completely? Let us know and we will gladly help you further.


Installation of the Deskbike app

With the free Deskbike app you can adjust your speed, distance, active time and calories burned. Read the installation guide to install the app on your mobile phone. Read more about the app.

Request quote

Request quote

Do you want to order multiple numbers? Then we can provide you with a customized offer. Contact us for a free quote.

Medical device

Medical device

The Deskbike is used to train the body. However, the Deskbike does not fall under the Medical Device Directive (class 1). In the event of illness or disability, it is best to contact a doctor or physical therapist to find a suitable medical device.

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